Thursday Thive: Foo Fighters Singles

Posted on March 28, 2013


5: Stacked Actors (‘There is Nothing Left to Lose’)
I know I use this term far too often, but this is a hugely underrated song. In my mind, its the best song on the 3rd album by quite a way. The guitar tone throughout is pretty bloody glorious, and the chorus is a typical rousing Foo Fighters one. For some reason it always reminds me of At the Drive-In, I have no idea why. Sure, its a lot more straight ahead balls out rock song than most of the ATD-I back catalogue, but it has the same excited energy they had. This is the sort of sound I want from Dave Grohl and chums.

4: I’ll Stick Around (‘Foo Fighters’)
I love the first Foo Fighters album. I really do. I don’t think its the best album, thats obviously The Colour and the Shape, but it isn’t a million miles behind. ‘I’ll Stick Around’ is one of the best songs on that album, starting out with a solid drum roll into a wonderfully mid nineties riff, in the best possible way. This riff is reprised for the chorus, with Grohl imploring ‘I don’t owe you anything’ over the top of it. The video was pretty goofy in a lovely way as well, with a big virus type ball in the sky in front of the band ploughing through the tune, and Grohl eating chess pieces. For whatever reason.

3: Everlong (‘The Colour and the Shape’)
This has probably become the Foo Fighters song over the years. The second single from the second album, a huge uplifting rock song with a bloody weird song. Exactly the type of song that will come on in a club and blow everyone sideways, encouraging mass hugs with complete strangers and chorus bellowing with arms aloft. This is what I assume should be on the radio all day long.

2: Low (‘One by One’)
I freakin’ love song this song. Most people only really remember the video again, which featured Grohl and Jack Black getting giraffed in a motel room. Yeah, the video was great, but it doesn’t have shit on the song. I’ve tried ripping this song off so many times, but to get the brooding restraint that they manage on this is pretty darn difficult. I adore the drumming as well, Taylor Hawkins is a top man in that department.

1: My Hero (‘The Colour and the Shape’)
Its just wonderful. There is so much to love about this song. I really can’t think of any fault at all with it. The verses are wonderful, the lyrics are oh so endearing and the chorus is everything I have ever wanted from the Foo Fighters. Whilst not as balls out as some of their best stuff, ‘My Hero’ was the moment that Foo Fighters managed to perfect hard rock, pop and reflection. A load of people think it might be about Kurt Cobain, I have no idea why that matters, its just a gorgeous song from start to finish.

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