Thursday Thive: Queens of the Stone Age Singles

Posted on April 11, 2013


5: Make It Wit Chu (‘Era Vulgaris’)
There is something inherently sexy about this song. So its not the normal QoTSA fare, there is no balls to the wall riffage and crazy cool, but it still manages to retain a certain hazy sexy cool. It is probably the perfect rock ballad, and why there isn’t more songs like this on the radio I do not know.

4: Sick, Sick, Sick (‘Era Vulgaris’
Here we are, this is more Queens-esque. That sort of awkward, cigarette hanging out the side of the mouth cool that this band seem to excel at. After being kinda disappointed by ‘Lullabies to Paralyze’, this being the first single off the next album was an audio sigh of relief. Filthy.

3: The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret (‘Rated R’)
The first song I heard by this lovely band, its aged pretty darn well. I think this pretty much set up the template for Queens songs, and in many ways for bands like Red Fang and Torche as well. This was Kyuss but with melody finally added on top. A big stoner riffy pie with melody sweetening it all. Can’t argue really.

2: First It Giveth (‘Songs for the Deaf’)
Now, to me, this was the above song enhanced and with extra snarl. In fact, ‘Songs for the Deaf’ is exactly the sort of evolution from ‘Rated R’ that bands should make. This is the snarl of ‘Rated R’, with a massive chorus and some of the best rolling drums I have ever heard. Dave Grohl, good work.

1: Go With the Flow (‘Songs for the Deaf’)
What more could you want? High speed driving cool? Check. Air drumming excellence? Check. Chorus joy? Check. Ball bursting outro? Cool as schmuck video? Check. Best Queens single? Check.

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