My Two Hundred Dinars: Reasons to frown at Thatcher.

Posted on April 17, 2013


Today is the funeral of Thatcher. The news that she had died broke last monday morning, briefly kicking me out of my annual post-WrestleMania hungover haze. In the time since there has been the usual plethora of opinions posted on good ol t’interweb, ranging from sheer joy to respect to annoyance at joy to whatever. Thus followed a stand off with rgeards to the number one charting song in the country, and a funeral today which is going to cost the country an estimated £10 million. Big Ben stops for the funeral, and she is being practically canonised by our media. Being Welsh, my opinion of Thatcher can surely be assumed. Now, I certainly don’t remember anything from Thatcher time with regards to my own life, but I don’t remember too much about Ceausescu either. There is a thing called History and a thing called reading, and people can actually form opinions and feelings based on this. From reading, I have deduced that Nicolae Ceausescu was a bd apple, and from reading I have deduced that Margaret Thatcher was a horrific criminal personification of bad. Very bad.

There are oh so many reasons to despise Thatcher it is almost daunting choosing one. Is it the collusion with Ruport Murdoch to wage war in the Falklands/Malvinas, jumping into military rather than political negotiations in order to secure a second term in office? Maybe its the wholesale selling of a nation, the privatisation of the nations transport, water, electricity, communications, gas and whatnot? The humongous rise in unemployment caused by her policies? The widening of the gap between the rich and the poor? Her refusal to negotiate with Irish republicans, directly leading to an escalation in Northern Irish violence? A lot of people will point to her brutal dismantling of the unions, and squishing of the mining industry leading to entire communities falling to ruin. Another favourite is the legacy of youth unemployment in the country, a generation forced to survive on crime and welfare which was subsequently bled over into the next. Even lesser known hypocrisy, for instance being a staunch anti-smoking campaigner yet simultaneously being on the payroll of British American Tobacco? The destruction of Britains manufacturing base?

My personal favourite reason to despise Thatcher is her bum-chumming (legitimate term) with some of the most despicable rulers in the history of the southern globe. Whether it was providing military training to the troops of Pol Pot in Cambodia, or militarily and financially propping up Saddam in the 80s, or her support for the horrific regimes of Pinochet in Chile and Suharto in Indonesia, or her well documented support for apartheid in South Africa, it is fair to say that Margaret Thatcher is on the wrong side of history. That is a short list of reasons as to why I refuse to pay respect for her in death. It is immoral and plain wrong to be guilted into paying respect for someone in death who had such little respect for the lives of human beings.