My Yugoslav Summer

Posted on April 17, 2013


Well, its Balkan time. Not immediately, but practically. Today is the day I fly into my beloved Eastern Europe for another summer of hilarity, thrilling history and Australians. Unlike previous times there isn’t a solid plan this year, and I’ve saved less money than I ever have, so there we go. Knowing this, I’ll probably be back by June. Hopefully, I won’t be back until late August. We’ll see. Anyway, the only things that are for definite are the following…

I am flying into Brno with Eric, and we’ll drink pivo there and in Olomouc.

I’ll be spending a few days at the beginning of May in Croatia with Eric and Casey, and definitely Mostar as well in what is shaping up to be a fairly exciting reuinion.

Kate will be flying out to Split at the end of May, and we’ll have 9 lovely days around the place.

I’ll be working in at least one hostel in Belgrade. Maybe two. Hopefully in Mostar again, and maybe even Zagreb this year. Who knows where else.

If the money lasts until then, there will be 4 horrific weeks of pivo-related joy from late July until mid August. MetalDays, Kirchtag and of course, Beogradski Pivo Fest. Oh yes indeedy.

I’ll have a week of Ramadan this year. Yes, thats right, unless its too offensive, I’ll have one week of fasting during sunlight hours. I doubt I’ll last the whole week, but here we go. Place your bets now.

So thats that. By the end of the evening, I’ll be in the Czech Republic, planning my route down to glorious Beograd, and of course, you’ll constantly hear about it.

There’s more going on of course! The 2nd Harald Math album is done, and it’ll be available once the artwork is completed. The album itself is called ‘There Was Nothing Left of Us in the Wilderness, Save What the Wilderness Kept for Itself’, and contains 11 tracks. Here’s your tracklisting;

Mother Russia Needs a Drink
North Korea
Easy Peasy
No One Ever Gets it Right
Cholera in the Time of Love
Gentleman Terrorist
Clawed from the Guts of the Earth
A Collective Fiction

I’m really happy with it. Obviously. The newest of these songs was written last July, so its nice to have them done and ready to done with. Harald Math album #3 is also written musically, with just words to be sorted. Oh so productive.

I’ll also be more visible with regards to my writing on the internet this summer. I’ve recently started writing for, a rather damn good wrestling website stateside. I have a weekly column on saturday, so check that out if you have an interest in professional wrestling. I’ll also be contributing every now and then to the Slavic Football Union, by far the best website focusing on the beautiful game out in the eastern half of Europe. Check the site out at Finally, I’ll be resurrecting my blog up on, so keep your eyes on that as well.

That’ll do for now. I’ll see you in a few months.

Volim te.