The A to Z of Great British Rock: P is for Phema

Posted on April 19, 2013


P is for Phema

I used to really like the Foo Fighters. A lot. This was before I started delving into finding out new bands for myself, but they were definitely one of my favourite bands for a while. As I got a little older, I began to have some gripes with Grohl and the boys. My main gripe, and this stands to this day, is that they were lacking in, well, balls. I wanted their riffs to be chunkier, for some extra fat to exist on their bones. Enter Phema. Hailing from the Milton Keynes area, I came across Phema the first time in Northampton, when they were supporting Reuben. What was there not to love for a chap like myself? That had songs every bit as good as the Foos stuff, yet the riffs were larger, the voice was earnest and live, oh live they were grand. Along with Devil and Casey Jones, Phema were the truly underground band that I could never understand why they weren’t on a bigger scale. The fact that they didn’t even reach the sort of level that Reuben, yourcodenameis:milo or Engerica did is just a little criminal. Songs such as ‘The Answer’, ‘Promotion’, ‘Control Drama’ and ‘Unbound’ are designed to exist on radio, to be adored by thousands. This never happened, and this saddens me.

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