Thursday Thive: L.D.50

Posted on April 25, 2013


Yes, I love this album.

5: ‘-1’
Big tune. A rare moment of clean guitar on the album, with ol’ Kud singing his way through the verses before going appropriately mental in the choruses. It features more silly timed riffage, more tight drumming and one of the bands finest rolling chug moments. The delivery of ‘I’m sure that one day we’ll wake up’ is delightful.

4: ‘Dig’
This song was the pop single of the album. Yeah, thats right, pop single. Believe it or not, this was the first time I ever noticed double bass pedal drumming. Ridiculous. I remember seeing the video for the first time and me and Mathew Kaye going ballistic about it in school the next day. A heck of a lot of fun.

3: ‘Death Blooms’
Okay, the poem at the end is hilarious, but this is a serious tune. The timing of the riff going into the verse is a thing of wonder, to start with. The song has one of the best choruses in the Mudvayne catalogue. Well, it has two. The first is a rhythmic heavy bugger, and then theres the soaring one as well. Wonderful.

2: ‘Nothing to Gein’
Yes, thats how its spelt. Absolutely glorious song, to say the least. I guess you could call it the ballad of the album, but it is anything but. The guitar tone throughout is the one that really kicks me, it just sounds so wonderful. The first kick in to the chorus as well is probably the best part of the whole album that isn’t the song that features at number one in this list. The lyrics are great, the sound is amazing, the song builds and builds perfectly. On any other album, this would be number one by a country mile. This video is creepin’ hilarious as well.

1: ‘Internal Primates Forever’
It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of my favourite songs. Ever. In the history of all of the world. It really is just special. Let’s dissect it from the beginning. The riff is genuinely iconic. Even if you don’t know its from this song, you know the riff. It has a friggin ‘Jump’ vocal at the start. The paranoid ‘they’re coming to take me away’ followed by the chuckle is unreal. The chorus is thudding. ‘Give it to me, give it to me’. The best drum fill on the entire album. Some typically ridiculous bass. The soaring vocals followed by guttural backing. The ‘1,2’, or is it ‘run to’? Either way, its the best moment on the entire album, and the best moment of an entire genre. The climax is equally stunning. This is one of the few songs in the history of all time and space that I would genuinely describe as being perfect. There is NO way this song could be improved, in any way. Orgasmic.

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