Dobro dosli (nazad) u Beograd

Posted on May 7, 2013


I’m in Beograd.

I do love this city, oh so much. After a couple of days in Osijek I arrived here via bus yesterday afternoon, and immediately forgot all about the uphill slog towards Chillton2 hostel. Okay, its not uphill all the way, but good lord I forgot about the initial climb. I’m terribly unfit as it is (note to self: must get fitter), but add this to a backpack and a slight hangover and wow, not cool. A big plus, as opposed to aimless meandering to find the hostel in Osijek, is that I know Belgrade pretty well now, and could probably walk from the station to Chillton2 with my eyes closed. I’d totally get run over, but I know the route and I know it well.

I got to Chillton, and to my great delight Jovanka was working. I’ve mentioned Jovanka a few times on here before, she’s pretty fantastic. She might be tiny, but she’s definitely one of the most self confident people I know. Lovely to see her again. Una came in at 3, and she’s also pretty fantastic. We had a celebratory beer and basically watched ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ all evening, which is fast becomig my favourite show. I’ve definitely got a huge mancrush on Charlie, despite his disgusting habits. The hostel is pretty quiet at the moment, so I’m not entirely sue when I’ll be working, but I’ll most certainly be staying up to watch the Penguins demolish the Islanders tonight (no overtime this time please), so maybe that can constitute working.

So yeah, Belgrade. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this is my favourite city. It has a total magnetic charm that it is really hard to escape from. I’ve often described it as ugly, but thats not the point at all. There are some really beautiful parts to the city, Kalemegdan and Zemun in particular, but I don’t come back here for the aesthetic. I come for the creative tension, the delightful humour, the languid strolling and the sausage. Oh lord the sausage. I resisted all temptation to head straight to Rusmir today, and I’ll hold out for Thursday as is proper. It isn’t called Sausage Thursday for nothing after all.

So this is where I’ll be until the money runs out, which should be next week sometime. Kate is over in 15 days (woo), I’ll meet her in Split and then we’ll do a little circle incorporating Mostar (Majdas, Saray, Abrasevic, Stari Most) and Sarajevo (KINO FREAKIN’ BOSNA, The best vops, Haris and Juliet). I look forward to that immensely, with immensely being a total understatement.

Anyway, I’m off to do my best impression of a Slav. Ciao!