Thursday Thive: ‘Give Me Your Soul’ Video

Posted on May 9, 2013


So we recently stumbled across this video, which I’m pretty sure would qualify as the best thing in the history of the world. It is entirely hilarious, whilst also being quite a well put together song. Seriously, I’ve had it in my head for about 2 weeks now. King Diamond is utterly ridiculous, and here are the top thive highlights from this beauty.

5: 00:30 – The first view of King Diamond
Nothing truly prepares you for your first viewing of the King himself. Regardless of how many photos you’ve seen, seeing the man in all his glory on the moving picture is truly wondrous moment. His hat is utterly ridiculous as well.

4: All the way through: The King’s Choreography
I love me some good choreography. Throughout this video, Diamond himself goes full on charades mode, whether its making sure we are aware where ‘below’ would be, lining out the pictures of red for us, showing how Daddy got a hole in his head/went insane, the King really leaves no stone unturned. More bands should do this.

3: 01:23 – Light Mouth
I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to indicate, but whatever. Before the chorus is launched, Diamond gets a little excited, and opens his mouth wide, letting a beam of light flood out to, well, the sky I presume. It’s the only time it happens in the video, it makes no sense, and it is utterly glorious.

2: 00:48 – Smiling Guitarist
If you blink, you’ll miss it. To the casual observer, this video will look like the work of grumpy people. However, look deeper into the eyes of the the band, and you see a sense of joy. This is displayed no clearer than by the light haired guitarist, who during his 2 solos has absolutely no hope of reigning in his excitement. Just look at that cheeky smile. Absolute hero.

1: 01:44 – Putrid Ball
Repugnant orb. Disgracefuly sphere. Shit circle. Call it what you will, but King Diamond is certainly miffed to be holding it, as clearly displayed on his unchuffed face. Why is there a singing broad in the middle of it? What is it about this ball that makes the normally unshaken Diamond so miffed? Why is it so funny? Because Putrid Ball.

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