The A to Z of Great British Rock: R is for Reuben

Posted on May 10, 2013


[side note, yes, I know I missed Q. I’m not writing about Queen.)

R is for Reuben

Of course R is for Reuben. There are many bands who I have bestowed titles such as ‘criminally underrated’, ‘the best at what they do’ and ‘generally best’ etc etc, but no band was more deserving of these titles than Reuben. To this day, it still entirely baffles me how a band of this quality and consistence, not to mention a fantastic live show, an incredibly infectious dynamic and the work ethic of beavers didn’t become the biggest band in the world. They tick every box for every person who loves rock music, and they had the poppiest songs of my generation. Songs like ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Agony/Agatha’, ‘Blitzkreig’ and ‘Keep It To Yourself’ are far hookier, far catchier than anything anyone else has produced in a long time. Fact. They had some of the cleverest heavy songs you will find played by a 3 piece band, things like ‘Three Hail Marys’ and ‘Alpha Signal Three’ slaying all in their path. Reuben did everything that a three piece guitar band should do, and a heck of a lot more. They weren’t the best at what they did, they were the only ones who did what they did at that level.

They also provided a more inside look at a band than most. The studio diaries for the third album were far from the usual recording video diary, which often descends into forced comedy and tough times only to come out okay in the end. There was an infectious hilarity throughout, you would genuinely look forward to the next one to see what would come out of it. One of my favourite things about the band outside of their music was also their discography page on the website. Every song is dissected, where it came from, little trivia facts, the lot. A band fan’s band.

But it is the music that really brought everyone to the game. If I were to make a list of Reuben songs I genuinely loved, this would be a far lengthier post than it should be. From the earliest releases to the very last, this band were a total joy to behold, one that I actually feel lucky to have been around for. Glorious, glorious, glorious.

Download: ‘No One Wins the War’, ‘Return of the Jedi’, ‘Shambles’, ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, ‘Lets Stop Hanging Out’, ‘Lights Out’


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