Wrestling is Awesome XVIII: Frog Splash

Posted on May 13, 2013


I certainly miss Eddie Guerrero. When someone mentions him, the initial word association will bring up a few things. Lie, Cheat, Steal. Three Amigos. Frog Splash. The last of these is what sticks out for me. I’d probably go so far as to say out of all the top rope splash type moves, the Frog Splash is my favourite. Without any doubt. I may be deathly afraid of frogs (fact), but I can’t deny that a part of me warms with joy when I see someone use this move. It also seems to have a pretty good reputation in the business. It may just be a basic top rope splash with mid air frog-esque contortions, but it comes off a hell of a lot more impactful than the basic splash does. There’s a few variations (D’Lo Brown, strangely enough, being my favourite), but it will now always be synonymous with Eddie. Viva la Raza.

[Stuff it, I can’t resist. Here’s D’Lo’s variation]

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