Dostoevsky/Like Eating a Stone

Posted on May 15, 2013


There’s a link. If you click on it, it will take you to a page that has 2 songs on there, both of which are available to download for absolutely zero money. As I still wait for the art to be finished for album number two, I figure why not throw something on there, so there we go. The first song, ‘Dostoevsky’, is my favourite song from the first album, one that would have been a stand alone single for it if it hadn’t been one of the last songs finished. In fact, it was the newest song on the album, even newer than a couple of songs on album number two. It’s a pop song about missing Mostar and ever so slight annoyance at a few people around me at the time.

The second song is going way back, way way back. It is called ‘Like Eating a Stone’, and the bulk of it was recorded in 2008 during the first Harald Math recording sessions in Liverpool. It’s a 3 minute quick little bugger. I re-did the guitar before flying out, and Ash has added the glorious Biffy Clyro-esque ‘aaah’s to boot. I really like, and if we ever played consistent gigs it would definitely be a live staple. I might have to write more balls to the wall fast punk songs. Why not.

Once again, the art for this was done by the wonderful Lisa Thompson, a girl I met when she wrote her number on my arm in Liverpool. Girls got balls, I’ll give her that. She’s a diamond.

So yes, enjoy, share, give away, whatever, I don’t care. Let me know what you think, and here’s hoping album number two can be out here sooner rather than later.

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