Thursday Thive: Gimmicky 1990s WWF Tag Teams

Posted on May 23, 2013


If it hadn’t been for Cotton Eye Joe.

5: The Godwinns
They were 2 hog farmers from Arkansas called Henry O. Godwinn and Phineas I. Godwinn (you work it out). They carried a bucket of slop around with them. They competed in Hog Pen Matches. Somehow, they were 2 time tag team champions. Yeah.


4: The Smoking Gunns
Cowboys, always a winner. Before America’s Most Wanted, you had The Smoking Gunns. They were actually surprisingly effective as a heel team and as good guys, and were in many ways the back bone of the WWF tag division for a while. I would go so far as to say they were underrated as a team, but maybe thats because I haven’t watched anything by them in about forever.

S’up guys.

3: Men on a Mission
Aw, just look at them. Whats not to love? They wore bright clothes, had a rapping manager and were known as ‘M.O.M’. Brilliant. From what I remember, these guys were legitimately popular, thanks mostly to Mabel being freakin’ huge and the rapping manager being a total hero. I remember being really sad when they lost the tag titles to the god damn Quebecers. They would turn heel soon after, and things would go from bad to really god damn bad.

Playing at Montgomery Town Hall.

2: The Headbangers
Well, I love metal, so what more do I want? These guys were stereotypical metalheads, so stereotypical inf act that they didn’t really resemble a single metal head I know. Once again, I remember being legitimately thrilled that they won the tag titles, as I just never expected it to happen. It was a great time for tag teams, as these guys were a solid midcard team. You don’t have that now, you have the champions and you have jobbers. Plus, what a gimmick! Bring this stuff back, please.

Oh, the nostalgia is overwhelming.

1: The Headshrinkers
Back in the day, WWF was way more racist than it is now. They were Samoan, so they were savages, and obviously they couldnt feel pain in their heads. It was so offensive, but good lord I loved it. When they turned face, I was so happy. When they sided with Captain Lou Albano, I was so happy. And when they beat the damn Quebecers for the tag titles, I was completely over the moon. Whilst they may have had a ridiculously racist gimmick, I loved the energy and the quirk of this time. I miss them. Seriously.