The A to Z of Great British Rock: S is for Sikth

Posted on May 25, 2013


S is for Sikth

Oh, oh so frenetic. Sikth were a technical progressive thinking metal band, and good god they were good. Sure, they had the odd miss with regards mostly to noise and poetry, but when they were good they were better than good. Songs like ‘Flogging the Horses’, ‘Skies of Millenium Night’ and ‘Pussyfoot’ still hold up massively today. They were technical as mum, but when they hit a simple groove it was practically impossible not to grin like a chump and give out a chuckle of joy. They also did the two vocalists better than most, bringing on a lot of original ideas to a gimmick that had been done to death at that point. In fact the interplay between the two vocalists was possibly my favourite thing about this band. The mid word call and response of ‘(If You Weren’t So) Perfect’ comes to mind. Oh, and RIFFS. RIFFS, RIFFS, RIFFS. RIFFS. RIFFS AND RIFFS. A much missed band, but I can still listen to the two albums and feel real good about seeing them and enjoying them when they were around.

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