Balkan Billsboard: With His Bear Hands.

Posted on June 3, 2013


When faced with an attack by a bear, the most logical reaction would be to either run for your life or start getting on with flashing your life before your eyes. In fact, out of the list of animals I don’t want to fight, the bear sits pretty up at numbero one. Of course, this applies to the vast majority of the world, but not to farmers in Bosnia. Where as Grizzly Man was killed by a bear, Blazo Grkovic went the other way and killed his attacker. Whilst out minding his flock and his own business, Blazo was attacked by a bear. Instinctively, because Balkan farmers are obviously insane, he grabbed his axe and began to wail away at the bear. The axe wasn’t really doing enough though, so he decided to take it on himself and, well, kill the bear with his bare hands. Seriously. He sustained some pretty serious injuries himself, in particular on his left forearm, but he still isn’t a dead bear. When the ambulance got to him, supposedly he was lying on the ground next to his practically decapitated foe.

The moral of the story? If a bear attacks you, you best make damn sure you’re a Bosnian farmer.

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