Night Shift Logic: TNA Slammiversary XI

Posted on June 5, 2013


Here’s my night shift (and this instance read oh my lord Chikara what now?) logic regarding this past weekends TNA/Impact Wrestling PPV, Slammiversary.

– The opening match was an Ultimate X bout between champ Kenny King, the recently returned Chris Sabin and TJ Perkins playing Suicide. Tenay noted it was the 30th Ultimate X match in 10 years. That is the definition of overkill.

– Chris Sabin has been in 14 of them. Wow.

– This match was really quite enjoyable however. I’ve always got a lot of time for Sabin, Kenny King is finally getting TV recognition and Perkins is the best fit as Suicide, however awful the concept of the character is. Sabin wins after some token grappling on the wires with King.

– Hulk Hogan has officially gone insane. That promo was completely ridiculous. The only thing I enjoyed was Anderson almost no selling the Sting threat, with a wonderful ‘nope’.

– Garrett and Wes Brisco must be the least threatening members of a stable possible. Those guys in a match versus Joe, Magnus and Hardy? Right.

– Magnus and Joe will never not be wonderful. Either way, I fast forward the rest, mostly because Garrett and Brisco.

– A load of crap happened that I didn’t care for so I rushed through. Mike Knox beat up Joseph Park. One bland Gut Check guy beat another. Abyss came back and I still didn’t care.

– The tag 4 way was alright, but the best part of it was still the pre-match Bad Influence promo, in particular Francois Kazarian’s running down of Gunner and his tattoos. I love these guys, more than anything on this show.

– My reaction to the Taryn/Gail Kim match is the same as everyone else. It begins with ‘Right, best do some errands, I am at work after all’, and it finished with a sentence I never thought I would think. How will AJ Styles and Kurt Angle follow Tiffany from WWECW?

– I really loved AJ/Angle. I mean, I would be surprised if these guys wrestled and it was anything less than stellar, but I enjoyed this in particular. But, I obviously have some issues.

– It saddens me that they are still attempting to flesh out a character for AJ Styles. Just have him be a guy who is really good at wrestling. He doesn’t need to have emotional levels really. Just have him be a face that is great at wrestling, or a heel that is great at wrestling.

– AJ with a Backfist to the Future. Does that mean Angle is now floating with Archibald Peck?

– I absolutely LOVE a shoulder to the turnbuckle post spot. The ending was a little flat however.

– Bully Ray pre match promo. One move that everyone stays away from. The Worm right?

– I’m not sitting through the Bully Ray/Sting match for a number of reasons. 1, it’s 5.52am. 2. It’s Sting. 3. I hear that Bully hits about 174 piledrivers on led that Sting kicks out of. I can fully believe that there are multiple versions of Archibald Peck running around, but that is just too much.