The A to Z of Great British Rock: T is for thisGIRL

Posted on June 7, 2013


T is for thisGIRL

Every rock centric magazine seemed to adore thisGIRL, and in particular their live show. They were an energetic band above all other energetic bands at the time. Their music was a pretty unique blend of rock, pop, jazz and what was considered ’emo’ at the time. Remember that stuff? Either way, thisGIRL made awkward seem simple, and they could also do BIG. ‘Masterblaster’ is a glorious example of this, the main riff being a huge rolling mother, followed by the loungey style they perfected, and then a big joyful chorus. I particularly loved the little changes they would through into the chorus, in that it wouldn’t just be the same thing on repeat. And nothing makes me happier than a middle eight that is a riff slowed down and then sped up. It’s glorious, utterly glorious. It’s all topped by the little stop in the last chorus. The first album was a bit more all over the place, but songs like ‘Using Radars to Communicate’ have the same joy throughout, all be it in many different phases. As with many bands of the time however, their finest release happened to be a little EP inbetween albums. It was called ‘Songs for the Family’, and it contained some wonderful songs. The most wonderful of these was ‘Bling Bling Bling’, a song that was everything that was great with emo in the first place, and I don’t say that with any disdain or sadness. The riff was great, the chorus was greater. Much missed band.


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