Night Shift Logic: Triple H, Underdog.

Posted on June 11, 2013


The opening ten minutes of tonights episode of Monday Night RAW was simply the worst thing. If you didn’t see it, this is what you missed. Triple H was about to face Curtis Axel. We had about a minute of HHH bashing Hennig, before the music of Vince McMahon rang out and he bound down to the ring. He then instructed Justin Roberts to announce Axel as the winner, via disqualification. Triple H then went out, raged at Roberts, and told him to restart the match. Vince returned, bullied Roberts some more, and announced Axel as the winner by forfeit. Paul then makes it a 60 man Ironman match. Vince finally ends this hell by coming down, stealing Roberts’ microphone and the ring bell. And that was that.

It saddens me no end that RAW in June 2013 is opening with Triple H trying to establish himself as an underdog, as a renegade that we should get behind. I love wrestling, more than most things, but this is as much as I can take. I’d like to give Triple H the benefit of the doubt because he has had some good times as a wrestler, but my patience is wearing thin. I’m starting to think he might be the worst thing, ever. Seriously, give me Hulk Hogan ranting about Sting in a Jamaican accent over Triple H wanking constantly.

I can’t believe I’m still watching this.