Thursday Thive: Live YouTube Performances

Posted on June 13, 2013


Okay, I 100% have missed some here, but here’s a thive of performances found on YouTube. I guarantee this list will change by the time I have finished it.

5: Forget Cassettes – ‘Quiero, Quieres’
I miss Forget Cassettes sounding like this. Okay, I had no idea of the band at the time, but retrospectively I really miss them like this. When there was talk of new stuff last year I got mega excited, but the new stuff just wasn’t what I was after. That’s silly, because if it had come out under the Eliza the Arrow umbrella, I would have probably loved it. Still, the bands second album, ‘Salt’, remains one of my 10 favourite albums of all time. It’s the vitriol displayed in this rendition of ‘Quiero, Quieres’ that make it so. Beth Cameron is an absolute tour de force in this, and the drumming is immense as well. Forget Cassettes are one of those bands where I can legitimately place where I was and what the song was when I first heard them. Wonderful.

4: St Vincent – ‘Paris is Burning’
There is so much in this video to fall in love with, and most of it revolves around Annie Clark. This is a busking style rendition of ‘Paris is Burning’, the standout song from her debut album, and it is given a total new lease of life here. Her guitar playing is absolutely stunning throughout, and it wasn’t until seeing this that I really began to appreciate that. The style in which this video is filmed is beautiful as well, complimenting the lazy yet frenetic tune it showcases. Finally, Annie’s vocals throughout are at their usual heart melting level. Top work La Blogotheque.

3: Tomahawk – ‘God Hates a Coward’
There are frontmen, and there is Mike Patton. That is pretty much all that needs to be said about this.

2: Neurosis – ‘Locust Star’
I think I can genuinely say that this video changed the way I viewed heavy music. I’d have Neurosis recommended to me many times (mostly by Patch, naturally), but this was the first video I saw of them that made me think heavy music could be way more interesting than it had been up to that point. This sounded like the controlled panic of the apocalypse, a gunman strolling unpeturbed through a landscape of violence and frenzy. It is cold, unforgiving, and it is all the better for it. It helps that the song is glorious as well, from the withheld breathing that precedes the explosion to the cacophany that is the multi vocal ending. Stunning.

1: Cave In – ‘Juggernaut’
I don’t think there is any doubt whatsoever that this is my number one. It’s not the tightest performance on the channel, but its definitely the one I have viewed the most, and definitely the one that I wish was the final album version of the song. This performance takes a good metal song and makes it probably my favourite metal song. It also has the best title any metal song can have. Cave In are one of my favourite bands, and this was a real exciting time. ‘Antenna’ wasn’t long out, but a lot of the old stuff had started to creep into set list, so you had a strange mix of new poppy stuff interspersed with the old metal stuff. It wouldn’t have been a shock to hear ‘Penny Racer’ come after that, and it would have been absolutely fine. This is a wonderful performance.

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