The A to Z of Great British Rock: U is for United Fruit

Posted on June 14, 2013


U is for United Fruit

I think I remember Paul Mullen describe them sounding like all of the best alt rock bands of the 1990s, jammed into one band. He isn’t far wrong. Well, this is what …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead would sound like if they were Scottish and far spikier. There’s also a little bit of early Manic Street Preachers sometimes, or maybe thats just me. They have the erratic pop-infused alternative rock down pat, with some top class shrieking flavoring the whole thing. The pop-infused part is important to focus on there, as underneath all the fuzz and dirt lie some seriously decent songs. They are almost like Shellac’s poppy cousins, or something equally trite. They also sound as though they would be a total joy live, and hopefully I’ll find this out sooner rather than later. Time will tell.

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