Night Shift Logic: WWE Payback 2013

Posted on June 17, 2013


I really enjoyed the majority of this pay per view. But hey, here’s some thoughts from a mind that has been awake for way too long.

– Sheamus/Sandow was as expected, a strong match ending in a Brogue. As expected considering how one sided the feud has been.

– There was an audible groan of apathy from the crowd when the IC Title match was announced first. That’s what happens when you book your champion to lose every single match he is in.

– I really liked the finish though, especially Axel grabbing Barretts hand mid-pin. Nice touch. Really nice moment for Axel, on Fathers Day.

– Kaitlyn/AJ was the match of the night. I hope there are at least a couple more of these. The spear was absolutely immense.

– However, with AJ and Sheamus winning, I’ve learnt that being a bully leads to success.

– The commentary during that match was horrific. The WWE really is a misogynistic shithole sometimes. Well, all of the time. Awful.

– I missed most of Ambrose/Kane, because I remembered I was at work. I did laundry.

– The double turn (which I and most others assume that was) during Del Rio and Ziggler was unexpected but nicely done. Del Rio’s onslaught looked vicious as well, which was obviously helped by Ziggler being the finest seller of anything this side of a flea market. It saddens me that Ziggler’s title reign didn’t make it past a defence, but hopefully this leads to a summer chase and him retaining as a babyface.

– Punk/Jericho was good, but ultimately slightly disappointing. It was slow at times, and too many finishers were kicked out of for my liking. A strange thing to complain about, but it cheapens them a little. It’s a trend throughout all of wrestling now, and its annoying. Finishing moves should be protected.

– Still, very good to see Punk back, and I look forward to wherever he goes from here. Face turn seems likely, but good lord there’s a lot of turning going on.

– Speaking of that, Orton moved one step closer by pushing the real Best in the World Daniel Bryan into a spear in the tag title match.

– A fun match though, as to expected when The Shield and Bryan are involved.

– I much prefer Rollins using the Curb Stomp as a finisher as opposed to anything involving his knee. I understand the knee is one of the hardest points of the body, but when it comes off the curb stomp looks unbelievable. It did this evening.

And that’s that. I didn’t watch John Cena and Ryback because I couldn’t care less about either guy. Mark Henry looks like he is retiring. and RVD returns at Money in the Bank. If I forget his entire TNA run, thats quite exciting.