Thursday Thive: Chik-k-k-k-k-kara

Posted on June 20, 2013


So, Chikara is seemingly dead (or is it?). In some sort of honour, he’s my thive of the final roster, judged on in-ring ability, character and general awesome-wonderness. Which isn’t a word, but there we go.

A riddle wrapped in an enigma!

5: Jigsaw
Jig! Dude is athletic as all hell. He got a small taste of one of the top 2 companies by taking part in the TNA X-Division tournament that led to Austin Aries getting a contract, but you only saw the briefest of his abilities. As far as cruiserweights go in the US right now, this guy is every bit as good as anyone else. His heel turn by turning on his mentor and partner Mike Quackenbush in 2012 was brilliantly done as well, and any questions over whether he could work as a heel have dissipated completely. Needs a bigger stage, now.

4: 3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker’)
Okay, this is cheating, as usual, but here we go. I love me some tag teams, so why not include one here? These guys are a complete blast, always. Shane Matthews is the Red Bull chugging big ball of energy, and Jagged plays his (almost) straight partner, and it just works on every level. Their tandem offence is frequently innovative, and they have a natural chemistry and charisma that is hard not to love. Booyah.

3: Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor is a serious wrestler.

2: Tim Donst
Years ago, Raven had a reputation for being one of the best heels going. Jake Roberts gave the best heel promos. Fast forward to the modern day, and you have many pretenders to this throne. For me, Tim Donst is head and shoulders above everyone else in this regard. In the last 12 months since losing his hair, Donst went full blown sociopath, and it resulted in one of the most interesting characters in all of professional wrestling. He is a Dostoevksy character come to life, and it is really special.

1: Dasher Hatfield
Hello hello, its your old buddy Dasher Hatfield! The Old Timey King of Swing! If there are a list of things I love, its old timey speak, moustaches and being a gentleman. Dasher Hatfield is all of these, and the character is a thing of beauty. In the world of confused heel acting faces, Dasher is a joy to behold. Plus, his commentary is always, always glorious. I want this guy to narrate my life. Wonderful.