The A to Z of Great British Rock: V is for Vex Red

Posted on June 21, 2013


V is for Vex Red

Well, as so many of these have started; obviously. Again, if this was international, V would be for Vex Red. I clearly remember the first time I heard Vex Red. I was babysitting near the library in Welshpool, kids had gone to bed so I was just watching MTV2 whilst on the phone to Mat Kaye. The video for ‘Itch’ came on, and I was hooked from there. I’d read about some band that were going to be recording an album with Ross Robinson, but had heard nothing by them, so hearing this was a wonderful kick in the heart. That single was followed by ‘Can’t Smile’, which was followed by a performance on some MTV2 live night with Bush and Sunna. I couldn’t get enough. The album came out, and I went ballistic, it was wonderful. I couldn’t give less of a hoot what Kerrang gave it, but good lord I was thrilled. I can still listen to that album today and enjoy it every bit as much as then. Songs like ‘The Closest’, ‘Untitled’, ‘Clone Jesus’ and ‘Start With a Strong and Persistent Desire’ ticked every box for me at the time, and nostalgia has only added to them. It’s just a shame that they only made the one album. Sure, theres been talk of them getting back together seemingly every year for the last 5, but I hold out no hope. No matter, that album will always be glorious to me.

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