My Two Hundred Dinars: Gus Poyet Sacked Live on Television

Posted on June 24, 2013



This evening, in what will surely go down in history as one of the most unprofessional and bizarre things to ever happen in modern day football, Gus Poyet was sacked as manager of Brighton and Hove Albion whilst working as a pundit on BBC. The news was broke to Poyet by the shows anchor, not the club themselves. Poyet had been serving a suspension for around a month, so whilst the sacking might come as no surprise, the manner in which it was done leaves more than a sour taste in the mouth. It leaves the entire palate obsolete and unusable.

What Poyet did or said to warrant the suspension no one knows, but quite frankly that is currently irrelevant. To remove your manager, suspended or not, by issuing a statement without telling him first is completely disgraceful. Just 17 years after they survived relegation from the football league on the final day of the season, Poyet had taken them from mid table into League One to the semi finals of this past years Championship play offs. That is merely a single game away from the promised land of the Premier League. Sacking a manager after that sort of success is brainless, but to do it in the manner in which they did is astonishing. After being a club that most people admired in a way, a club that people wanted to see succeed, Brighton will now be installed as everyones favourite club to get relegated next season.

Who is going to take this job now? After seeing the treatment afforded to a popular manager who got the club to within 90 minutes of the top flight, no one in their right mind would take this job. For shame Brighton, for shame.