Wrestling is Awesome XXIII: Tim Donst

Posted on June 24, 2013


If there’s one thing I love in pro graps, it’s the old cathartic nihilistic self hating psychological heel. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts touched on it in the early 90s. Raven took it to whole new levels in the mid to late 90s. Jon Moxley (now Dean Ambrose) blew everyone away with it in the late 2000’s. In 2013, one man is doing this head and shoulders above everyone else, and that man is Tim Donst. Ever since losing his hair in a match against Hallowicked, Donst has fell deeper and deeper into misery, and it is stunning. His promos have taken on a totally new level, a cerebral and visceral level that I haven’t seen before. Add a wonderful catchphrase, and you have pro wrestling glory.

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