On this Day: June the Twenty Sixth.

Posted on June 26, 2013


1960: Madagascar declares independence from France
After 66 years of being ruled by the French, the island of the east coast of Africa called Madagascar declares its independence. When I noted this down in my pre-writing notes, I figured when it came to the write up I would be able to make a load of jokes about this, because geography is my thing. As it is, I know nothing of Madagascar. Something about being run by lemurs? Or Lemar, if anyone remembers him. Either way, I cant even use that animated film as a reference point, as I don’t recall anything from it. Why? Because I’m 27, and the only times I’ve seen it have been with my niece, so I spent that time staring at my own future.

1963: John F. Kennedy delivers his famous ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech in Berlin
Kennedy usually gets a good reputation handed to him, and we all freakin’ obsess over his assassination and all that jazz. I don’t know enough about it all, but from first glance, the guy was a class A turd. Bay of Pigs? Super dumb. Getting entrenched in a war of attrition in Indochina? Super super dumb. Womanizer, addicted to pain killers, general asshole, all be it a charismatic one. I would guess that his reputation has been hugely blown out of proportion due to the unusual way in which his presidency was ended. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a Berliner either. That wasn’t the point? Whatever.

1991: A 10 day ‘war’ breaks out in Slovenia
Yes, the inverted commas are appropriate. This was a 10 day skirmish that was painted as the plucky little Slovenes bravely fighting for their independence from the big bad Yugoslav National Army, but in fact was more of a well organised hit and run by the Slovenes against a JNA that had no desire to fight and no idea what was going on. Slovenia had humongous diplomatic support from a newly re-unified Germany as well, so this ‘war’ was really a non event. Unless of course you were one of the foreign truck drivers who made up one of the biggest groups of casualties.

Happy Birthday!
Salvador Allende (former democratically elected head of Chile that was brutally killed out of power in 1973, hence the song ‘September 11th 1973’), Paolo Maldini (former Italian left back that gets all sorts of loyalty praise cause he stayed at Milan all his career, which I guess is easy to do when they are winning all the time) and Mark Jindrak (once part of a stable with Kurt Angle, and thats about it).

Commiserations on your death!
Marc-Vivien Foe, the Cameroonian midfielder who tragically died during a match against Colombia of a heart related issue, and Richard Whiteley, the much loved former presenter of Countdown.

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