Harald Math Update

Posted on July 3, 2013


It’s taking its time, but there is indeed a new Harald Math album. It was completed at Bedlam Studios before I came out this summer, and I’m pretty darn happy with it. The title of the record is ‘There was nothing left of us in the wilderness, save what the wilderness kept for itself’, and the tracklisting is as below;

01: Ninth
02: Mother Russia Needs a Drink
03: North Korea
04: Easy Peasy
05: No One Ever Gets It Right
06: Accordions
07: Cholera in the time of Love
08: Gentleman Terrorist
09: Clawed from the Guts of the Earth
10: A Collective Fiction
11: Wilderness

Once again, it’s all played by myself and Ashley ‘Glory’ Morton. Also, the fantastic Lisa Thompson does the art. The 3 taster songs have been posted already, so here’s some links to them.


The album itself will be up for free download as soon as I get the final artwork. Album number 3 will begin recording when I fly home, whenever that may be. Enjoy, share.

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