Thursday Thive: Flags of the World

Posted on July 4, 2013


I’m shocked that its taken me this long to Thive some flags. I absolutely adored flags when I was young, much in the same way as I loved football kits. Now, flags are usually brandished by awful people with awful motives, but I can look past that when merely looking at them. There are some pretty awesome flags in the world. Here’s my Thive.

5: South Korea
There aren’t many bolder flags than that of South Korea. Known as the Taegukgi, it is as striking and recognisable as they come. I only realised in the last couple of years as well that the different adds ons either side of the YinYang are all different. Yeah, embarrassing. It’s all about the cleanliness of the people (the white background) and the be all and end all of everything (the YinYang). It manages to be humbling, yet beautiful at the same time.

4: Mozambique
The flag of Mozambique is supposed to represent the great qualities needed in any modern day country. The sickle shows a desire to work, the book shows the need for education. Oh, that gun? Yeah, that thing. Erm, pest control? No, that isn’t a joke. Now, taking the murder weapon aside, this is a pretty wonderful looking flag. Whilst it takes the colours of almost every African flag, it arranges them in such a way that they look fresh and new, and vibrant at the same time.

3: Turkmenistan
Now, when you set eyes on the lush flag of Turkmenistan, what is it that comes into your mind? I know exactly what comes into mine. A nice cozy rug. A lovely afternoon in front of the fire, with a cup of hot Joe, your loved ones and maybe a dog. No flag in the world gives the feeling of the Welsh word ‘cwtch’ more precisely than that of Turkmenistan. Whats that? The horrific human rights record? Ah yes, that. Turkmenbashi was the madman’s madman. His people suffered so that he could laze in the conservatory on a Sunday with the radio playing sweet jazz.

2: Uganda
Look at it. Just look at it. Whatever you think about the almost garish colours and the disorientating double tri-colour style, you can’t deny one thing. That bird is totally bad ass. It has a swagger that the people of Uganda should display on the international stage. In fact, we need to get this bird in the jungle to get that damn blasted Kony! #kony2012

1: Wales
Well, what did you expect? There aren’t many things more majestic than a big damn Dragon in a field. They say red and green should never be seen, well, they are wrong. Look at the co-ordination of this beauty, it just sits and settles on the eyes like the curves of a glorious young lady, or the evening sunset over the hills. Sure, the flag of Bhutan may have a better designed dragon, but it really doesn’t encourage the immense feeling of running up a hill that the Welsh one does. It is bold, it is passionate, it is strong. It is awesome.