(A Late) Thursday Thive: Wrestling Entrance Music

Posted on July 12, 2013


I love wrestling, I always have, I always will. Somewhere along the way I stopped worrying about it, and just decided to get on with it, because whatever. Every wrestler in the history of everything has had their own entrance music, well, at least talking about the last 20 years or so, and whilst the vast majority of it has been TOKEN METAL, there have been some glorious moments. The Wyatt Family made their first appearance this past Monday with the best theme in gosh darn ages, but too soon to count for this. Best wrestling entrance themes of the last 25 years? Let’s Thive it.

5: Mr Perfect
Everything about the Mr Perfect gimmick was, well, perfect. A guy who was hot shit at absolutely everything? Everyone hates that guy, instant heel. Back it with a performer of the quality of Curt Hennig, and you’ve got lightning in a bottle. This theme was of Ric FLair style, and fit the grandiose atmosphere that the Perfect character should bring to everything.

4: Daniel Bryan
Helped by the fact he is the Best in the World, obviously. But still, what else would you expect the Best in the World to come out to? Rise of the Valkyries, made awesome. It instantly garners a great reaction from the audience as well, which is imperative. From the first string strains, all is off. That’s exactly the effect that the Best in the World should have.

3: Mark Henry
Mark Henry was the lamest thing for so while. Then, at some point in the last couple of hours, he transformed overnight in the best thing on WWE TV. It also happened to be the most legitimate. He was a huge guy, who beat up people. Simple right? Henry did it in such a simple and wig splittingly awesome way too. His music made perfect sense. Somebody going to get their ass kicked. Somebody going to get their wig split.

2: Demolition
I really miss the way tag teams used to be tag teams and that was that. I also miss Dasher Hatfield on commentary. Both of these things lead to Demolition having a number two spot. Its an awesomely straight ahead theme for a tag team whose entire deal was that they were going to have a mighty fight. It also reminds me immensely of King of Trios 2012, with Dasher’s joyful singing. Perfect.

1: Drew McIntyre
There isn’t a single more misused performer on the entire WWE roster right now than Drew McIntyre. His entrance used to be the sort of thing that encouraged immense response, in the form of chills and trepidation. He was given the big push to begin with, and then nothing came of it. He is the definition of someone who should have won Money in the Bank, but there we go. Plus its an awesome song, full stop.