Thursday Thive: The War of Art

Posted on July 18, 2013


The album was way too long, but when it was good, holy balls it was good. Let’s Thive it.

5: ‘Seamless’
Good old staccato. It was a toss up between this and ‘Never Get Caught’, and they both have glorious second halves, but ‘Seamless’ wins through due to the sheer wonder of its first half. Industrial metal at its very, very best. The stalling of the vocals just before the quiet part is wonderful as well.

4: ‘Song for the Suspect’
Live, this was a glorious glorious time. The piano would always guarantee a lovely little ripple through the crowd, and that was that. Once again, from the middle onwards is just sheer gorgeous land, the perfect cataclysm for a song as such.

3: ‘A Violent Reaction’
The album opener, and pretty much the bands mission statement. It contains everything that made this album a great listen, big chunky riffs, big chorus, huge vocals, no lack of sampling and oh much joy. I still duff up the kick back in as well.

2: ‘All Wrapped Up’
I remember there being a big hoo hah about the video for this in Kerrang, oh back in the day. Taking the video out of the whole thing, this is an exercise in wonderful nu-metal song writing. It’s definitely at the heavier end of the spectrum, but with just enough melody to reel you back in. The gang-esque vocals that come in towards the end as well? Touche chaps, touche.

1: ‘Just So You Know’
Obviously this is first. It’s hands down one of the finest songs of an entire genre of music. There isn’t a single thing about this song that I can have any complaints with. The riff is beautiful, and just skewed enough to be constantly interesting. The verses and pre choruses are everything they should be. That chorus? Gorgeous. The middle part is every bit as tense as you would expect from this band, and when it all explodes back in, it’s cathartic as all balls. Thats all without mentioning the beautiful, genuinely beautiful backing vocals before the final chorus, and a floor tom to cap it all off. Good work.

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