Night Shift Logic: Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro, all day every day for life.

Posted on July 23, 2013


Tonight I think I realised what my perfect episode of RAW would be. It would be two hours long, because then I’d have time in my night shift to get a few other menial tasks done. It would open with Brad Maddox being awesome as he generally is, and he would announce the main event for the evening. Of course, this would be pre-booked, as opposed to an off the cuff random main event which generally always gripes. Then Mark Henry would come out, give a wonderfully Mark Henry promo before being interrupted by The Shield, who he would then wonderfully battle until NUMBERS. Dolph Ziggler would then go against a variety of people, maybe Titus O’Neill, Sheamus and anyone else of hoss variety. Big E Langston would show up and be awesome for a few minutes. Kaitlyn, full stop. Damien Sandow would do guest commentary on a Cody Rhodes match that would preferably be against Dirty Curty as opposed to Fandango, but there we go. Then we’d have CM Punk and Paul Heyman being absolutely glorious.

The main event would be about 45 minutes long, and it would be Daniel Bryan versus Antonio Cesaro, all day long for the rest of forever. Give them the freedom they had back in RoH, that they had back in CHIKARA, and just let them be the very best at professional wrestling that they can be, and so obviously are. There would be oh so many uppercuts, Cesaro would like the beast that he is, but the Bearded Dragon would pull off the W via some sort of beautifully flowing small package. Yes! chants all round.

Oh, and instead of commercials there would just be Wyatt Family video packages and Bray Wyatt promos.