Thursday Thive: Red Fang

Posted on July 25, 2013


Red Fang, is there a funner band around? Well, no, obviously. They of great beards and wonderful videos have a mean line in beard rock, thrust sludge, boner metal, whatever. Whilst they’ve only spewed the two albums so far, there’s more than enough to love. Here’s my Thive.

5: ‘Sharks’
How many songs have I tried to write like this? Oh, I lose count. Fast paced as all fun, a lovely pounder of a riff, warbled vocals mixed with fun as hell, and an outro that will never fail to make me chuckle.

4: ‘Good to Die’
I dread to think how many times I am going to type the word ‘fun’ whilst doing this. Still, there is no other word that sums up the drums at the beginning of this song. Every time I hear this song it is compounded with joy, which is strange for a song with such a title and subject matter.

3: ‘Throw Up’
I so wanted this song to be higher. It has practically everything I absolutely love about beard metal. The verses are horrible distorted bass and messy guitars. The chorus is Queens of the Stone Age as they should sound. The riffery in the middle is joyful. And the OUTRO. Oh god the outro. If there are two things in the world I love more than most, it is the following. A slow as balls riff, and DANGER CHORD. When you add the two together with a false ending, I’m going to laugh my face off whenever I hear it live, because music is the best.

2: ‘Wires’
Yeah, this top two is going to be obvious as everything. This song is everything that a Red Fang fan will love about Red Fang. Slow but not too slow riffing, lazy in the coolest way vocals, enough room for everything to breath and then an apocalyptic (I’m not ashamed to use the word) ending, complete with harmonies that don’t sound out of place in the slightest, and an anti-solo the likes of which I would dream of for years. And all that without mentioning the video, which is just the best.

1: ‘Prehistoric Dog’
Obviously. Thank you, Eric Wiedemann. The first song I heard by the band, and quite blatantly the best. I adore songs that sound like a band was throwing darts at a board full of riffs, and from the very beginning this song just does not let up at all. It’s not long before the chorus is there, and as Ben Davies would say, two note riffs for life. It just doesn’t let up, until it does for about 10 seconds, and then BANG, it’s back to being the coolest, funnest thing. Being dumb is often derided, but there are many ways to be dumb. This inspires the best type of dumb, the type of dumb that involves bumper cars and beer and beards and all the fun in the world. Oh, and half time endings all day please. There isn’t a funner song in all of the world.

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