Wrestling is Awesome XXVIII: Mark Henry

Posted on July 29, 2013


You have no idea how hard it is avoiding just putting the words BRAY WYATT on this every week. The guy is flat out awesome. In the interest of fairness though, let’s find something else that has been awesome about wrestling recently, and consistently over the last couple of years. We’re talking about The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Now, for the first ten years of his WWE career, Mark Henry was bad at best. There just didn’t seem to be too much redeemable about his character, and he was pretty much the top of most people’s ‘to be released’ lists. Then, some time in 2011, everything changed. He returned from another injury, and all of a sudden he was the trash talking mean mofo that he always should have been. People began to enter the Hall of Pain, and sure, his in ring work was still pretty boring but the added mouthing off brought a new dimension to the whole thing.

In my eyes however, the pinnacle came just a few weeks back dressed in the most salmon of suits. After yet another awful John Cena promo, Henry came out, left his boots at the entrance way (a nod to old timey retirements) and gave the most emotional of retirement speeches. The rumours had been rife, and it seemed it was true. He was self referential, funny, emotional and poetic. It was genuinely quite moving. It felt like the perfect goodbye, and Cena came in to embrace Henry in the ring. In a moment that still sparks me off today however, Henry would instantly snap into a World’s Strongest Slam, and my heart grew three times in that moment. Beautiful.

So thank you Mark Henry. Who knew?

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