Night Shift Logic: If Luis Suarez defines Uruguayan to you, you don’t know Uruguay.

Posted on August 5, 2013


I think it’s fair to say that Luis Suarez is the most disliked footballer player in English football today. Okay, maybe John Terry will come close, but I’d put my pound on Suarez taking that particular trophy. He is one of an outrageously talented group of Uruguayan football players that have come through, the group that allowed them to reach the World Cup semi finals in 2010. If all you know about Uruguay is football, well, you are in for a treat my chums.

Today, Uruguay will become only the third Latin American nation that legally allows same sex marriage, following the footsteps of Argentina and Brazil. The legislation was actually signed in May, but the 90 day period is up and it will come into effect as of today. Uruguay also became the first South American country to legalize abortion in 2012. All this despite being a predominantly Roman Catholic country as well! De frage?! Well, Uruguay has explicitly separated church and state for as long as memory serves, allowing its citizens to maintain their faith without letting the old fashioned, out of date-ness of it all get in the way of modern law.

If that wasn’t enough, it is also about to become the first country to legalize the production and sale of marijuana. Completely. Private consumption of drugs has never been banned in the country, but this new law will allow it to be regulated and taxed, something that really should have happened to drugs a long, long  time ago. If the law works, and it will, it will go a long way towards lowering the drug-related crime rate in Latin America, something that is never far from our news pages.

Uruguay seems to be doing pretty darn well. It is only a small country of around 3.5 million people, with solid institutions and little corruption. Uruguayans enjoy the highest standard of living in South America as well. Their president, Jose Mujica, also seems like a pretty solid chap. He never wears a tie, spent a decade in prison in the 1970s for protesting against the military junta ripping the country apart and he is solidly against a president serving more than a single term. Oh, and of course, the guy has a sweet moustache. From what I gather, he is what you want your husband to be when they are in their 60s.

As of today in Uruguay, that applies to men and women.