Thursday Thive: Manchester Orchestra

Posted on August 9, 2013


I don’t remember the first time I ever heard Manchester Orchestra. Part of me wants to say it was via a review in Rock Sound, but who knows. I know it was in 2007, whilst living in Liverpool. It doesn’t matter, what matters is I heard them. They ply a brand of poppy rock that seems to be a little ballsier than expected, a chunky side of which has grown over their three albums. Let’s do ourselves a thive.

5: ‘You, My Pride and Me’
I love me a slow burner. A bit slower than the usual Manchester Orchestra fare, it builds and builds around a single riff until typically exploding with optimism and joy towards the end.

4: ‘Shake it Out’
Yeah, this album is cracking. Track two on ‘Means Everything to Nothing’ is a wonderfully put together song, with tension and light sitting next to each other and beautifully as they only can in music. Another great last quarter as well.

3: ‘Mighty’
For me, the highlight from their last album ‘Simple Math’. Another slow burner (I sense a pattern here), with another joyful double time ending. Glorious vocals as well.

2: ‘I Can Feel a Hot One’
There was always going to be a ballad here. The space and restraint throughout is exactly what a ballad should possess, along with some nicely subtle strings and harmonies that are exactly how and where they should be. Words about a dream of the death of a loved one too, done wonderfully. I’m still not sick of this song.

1: ‘I’ve Got Friends’
Pop, pop, pop. First things first, this is a wonderful performance above. The song is pop at its most wonderful, dark, joyful, lung busting, catchy, swelling and swelling to it’s natural high. And the vocals in the sort of pre-chorus type thing, the ‘in fact you’ll never know’ bit, holy everything. Kudos to you, hairy bearded chap. Kudos all day long.

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