Thursday Thive: Nirvana B-Sides

Posted on September 5, 2013


Again, the title isn’t entirely spot on. These are all songs that didn’t feature on the four albums that were released by the band whilst Cobain was alive. They were released in some form, whether it was as b-sides or on split singles and whatnot. Either way, they are some of the best songs the band had. Let’s thive it.

5: ‘Marigold’
I don’t think it would be amiss to maybe even refer to this as a Foo Fighters song. Either way, it was the only Nirvana song to be released that was solely written by Dave Grohl. You can hear the big difference, as the biting sarcasm of Cobain is replaced with a much more serene mood. Grohl’s vocals are also a million miles from Cobain’s, the latter a man who happened to be the frontman and the former a man who obviously had learnt to sing. A lovely song.

4: ‘Curmudgeon’
This is one of those ‘In Utero’ esque fun time songs that I love so much about Nirvana. Reckless, bitter riffage, with a fun underbelly and ridiculous lyrics. Oh, a typically lazy middle as well. ‘I found Santa, I found God’ is probably the best/worst Nirvana lyric ever as well.

3: ‘Sappy’
It’s probably one chorus too long, but it’s still a cracker. I actually heard this song ages ago, when I was going through the radio channels on Sky for whatever reason. I had pretty much given up on the radio by then, but there was one which just played old rock songs, not unlike the TV channel that me and Maja would sit and watch all summer with the same seven songs. This came on, and I loved it. Great chorus, typical Nirvana style. I could have imagined it being re-written and added to whatever album came next.

2: ‘I Hate Myself and I Want to Die’
Pretty iconic title. Again, more ‘In Utero’ esque slow down tuned riffing with bitter/funny lyrics and an almost joyfully sarcastic chorus. This is what I want Nirvana to sound like all of the time. Especially if they continue with the lazy as all hell middles. DO nothing for thirty seconds and then slam back into the riff, always and forever.

1: ‘Oh, the Guilt’
Yes, yes, yes. From a split single with The Jesus Lizard. I’m repeating myself, but cynical riffage, sarcastic vocals and great drumming, that is what Nirvana should sound like all the time. This song has particularly good drumming as well, some of the little fills in the pre chorus are just total joy, the last one especially. The chorus sounds like its very close to falling off the edge of something as well, which is always great. Yes, the middle is lazy as anything. Wonderful.

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