The A to Z of Great British Rock: Y is for yourcodenameis:milo

Posted on September 6, 2013


Y is for yourcodenameis:milo

How exactly does an individual define their favourite band of all time? Is it the band you would consider musically the best? The one that provides you with the most memories? The one that you can always revisit their albums with the same sense of joy and thrill as the first time? Or is it something that just can’t be explained? Going by all of these factors, I have about 7 different favourite bands in the world. Tool, Deftones, Des Ark, Cult of Luna, etc etc. However, in my heart of hearts, I know that if someone put a gun to my head and I had to name one band that was my favourite with my life depending on it, whilst being strapped to a lie detector, there wouldn’t be a question as to the words that would come out of my mouth.


I’m sure the man toting the gun would be rather confused to begin with, because it still is a truly silly name. The music, however, was anything but silly. ‘All Roads to Fault’, as with most of the biggest ycni:m fans, was the first thing I heard. It went a million places in under three minutes, be it discordant yelping, a chorus with a hook the size of the Azerbaijan tower and a slow down speed up juggernaut of a riff to end it all. Put simply, it was the song I’ve always wanted to exist. We drove down to Cardiff to see them on the strength of that single song, and the rest of the set didn’t disappoint. I still remember, from that first gig, being blown away by ‘Schteeve’, a wonderful, wonderful song.

‘Ignoto’ was the first album proper and again, I can clearly remember where I bought it and when. It was first thing on the day of release in Cardiff, so early the shop didn’t even have it on the shelves yet. Holy hell I was excited. Myself and Gemma saw the chaps in Swansea that evening, and were even privy to choosing the soundcheck songs. I can’t remember how many times I saw them on that tour, but it was definitely in the higher numbers and I loved it each and every time.

The list of songs I adore by this band is ridiculously long. They always managed to do something different every time whilst retaining a definite vibe. Whether it was sledgehammer riffage (‘Translate’), tank like rumbling hypnosis (‘Rapt. Dept’), pre unadulterated pop (‘Empty Feat’) or lovely lovely tenderness (‘Sixfive’), it was always great, it was always ycni:m. I miss this band a heck of a lot.

My favourite band.

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