The A to Z of 90’s Premiership Footballers: A is for…

Posted on November 1, 2013


A Man of Stone.

A is for Peter Atherton

Behind every successful team in footballing history, there is a captain. A strong leader of men, intense but caring, focused but care-free, capable of the sublime but never the ridiculous. The Russian Revolution had Lenin, Blackburn had Tim Sherwood, the Mushy Peas back in the day had Richard Holden. For six great years in the 90s, Sheffield Wednesday had Peter Atherton.

Now I can’t confirm that they were six straight years, because if you think I’m doing that much research for what is blatantly a comedy piece then you have zero clue what all of this is about. Either way, I can confirm that Peter Atherton was captain of Sheffield Wednesday for six years, six great years, and the club has never recovered since.

A tough tackling right back, Atherton found himself playing in the most important position on the park. This modern day Genghis Khan wasn’t daunted by the prospect of such tearaways as Jason Wilcox, Eddie Newton or Ronnie Rosenthal bearing down on him in the slightest. Over 216 games, Peter Atherton was the jewel in Sheffield Wednesday’s glittering crown. When people say the name Sheffield Wednesday, many reply with Chris Waddle, Benito Carbone, Paolo Di Canio or Des Walker. Whilst these names will spill out of the lips of the questioned, the answer in all of our hearts is Peter Atherton.

It is no surprise or shock that in Atherton’s final year at the club Wednesday were relegated from the top flight, never to return. Many say this is just a coincidence. I’m saying nothing.


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