Wrestling is Awesome XXXV: Chuckie T 24/7 Title

Posted on November 11, 2013



Chikara has really stolen my heart over the last year or so. Since it’s untimely demise (or so it seems) in June, the various characters from the promotion have been popping up in various different promotions, even to the point of Archibald Peck making a cameo on Smackdown, all be it getting squish squashed by Ryback. The ‘Wrestling Is…’ promotions seem to have taken on the mantle, but as they begin to fall apart in shocking circumstances, it would seem something has to give sooner rather than later in the Chikaraverse.


Still, if no Chikara means the 24/7 belt that Chuck Taylor introduced will remain around, then I can be convinced it ain’t so bad for now. It’s basically a title that is defended in 15 second clips on Instagram and Vimeo, and always in hilarious circumstances. Sure, there are a lot of fast counts, but its always breathtakingly fun. Whether it’s Johnny Gargano being superkicked as he gets out of a swimming pool, Green Ant pinning Chuck Taylor at a football match or Rich Swann winning the belt on a computer game, the title is defended (and mostly lost) in continually unique ways. Good work Chuckie T, good work.

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