Thursday Thive: Frank Turner

Posted on November 14, 2013


5: ‘I Really Don’t Care What You Did On Your Gap Year’

‘I’ll pay for my sins when I get paid, I’ll stop talking to girls when I get laid, I should have gone home when I could but I stayed, but then I never was the clever one.’

4: ‘Father’s Day’

If there is one song on first album ‘Sleep is for the Week’ that really showed where Mr. Turner was heading musically, it was ‘Father’s Day’.A true-to-form ode of honesty about the rebellion of youth and the parental relationships that inevitably follow, it’s as good a pop song as you could hope hear, almost sounding psalm-like at times. It’s joyful resignation, hope through disappointment, a Sunday afternoon where you forget for a few moments that you’re hungover. Wonderful.

3: ‘Reasons Not To Be An Idiot’

Speaking of pop, holy moly. Is there a song that sounds more like sunshine than this? The message in the lyrics rings true, even if we generally take it on board only to ignore it. It also inspired a glorious cover version from erstwhile-musical genius Jamie Lenman. Splendid.

2: ‘Worse Things Happen at Sea’

Honestly speaking, this is the best Frank Turner song. It isn’t quite dark, more dim-lighted, and the lyrics compliment it better than any song Turner has released since the demise of Million Dead. The words are brutal in their honesty, the sort that we all claim to want but squirm whilst listening. Oh, and that last verse. Everything about that verse is beautiful, in the most harrowing way music can be.

1: ‘A Decent Cup of Tea’

But as I say, favourite and best are two different things. This certainly isn’t the best Frank Turner song, but the personal relevance was always going to kick it to the top spot. Throughout first year university I had something of close relationship with a young lady, without doubt my closest friend during that time yet one that should always have been something more. She drank a lot of tea, and I pretended to enjoy tea the whole time. Every now and then she would talk about her then-boyfriend in less than cheery manner, and she’d do it as we drank tea, and I listened but obviously couldn’t really say anything. Which pretty much sums up the words of this song. Lame? Certainly. But hey, everything means something different to everybody else, it’s just that sometimes that meaning is taken literally.

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