The A to Z of 90’s Premiership Footballers: D is for Mark Draper

Posted on January 17, 2014



D is for Mark Draper

In the mid to late 90s, it seemed that playmakers lacking in any hair were all the rage. Were there any more inspiring than Mark Draper, Aston Villa and Rayo Vallecano legend? Before you begin to do the very silly thing of even entertaining the possible answers to that there question, let me put your mind at ease. No. No there wasn’t. It takes an incredible talent to play 409 professional games and score 54 professional goals. I can’t say I’ve managed it. Can you? Well, Mark Draper can.

A product of the precocious Notts County youth system, it’s easy to argue that Mark Draper is the greatest player in the history of that proud club, providing you don’t consider Less Bradd or Tommy Lawton footballers. Bare in mind ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the worlds oldest professional football club, a mountain of which stands the legend that is Mark Draper. When I think of Mark Draper, I think of focus, I think of drive, I think of determination, I think of a lack of hair, and I think of sheer ability. He forced his way into the England squad no less, at a time when players of the legendary ability of Steve Stone were riding high. Is Mark Draper the greatest player to never play for England? I’ll leave you to decide.

These days, Mark Draper is still involved in football. I myself have often found myself wondering, just how do Notts County manage to look so god damn smart on the pitch, week after week? Well, the answer can be found at the hands of our old friend Drapes, who masquerades as their kitman these days. Once a footballing legend, always a footballing legend. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Draper.

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