Wrestling is Awesome XXXIX: Sean O’Haire

Posted on January 20, 2014


When WCW collapsed and was swallowed up by WWE, there was a lot of green young talent on Vince McMahon’s plate all of a sudden. Guys like Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak and others came and went through a variety of different gimmicks, all to little success. Another of these was Sean O’Haire. There was something different about O’Haire though. He was way more athletic in the ring, a little more vicious in his offence and mannerisms. The cream of the pie however was a series of vignettes for a new character he was to portray. I’m not sure when exactly these were aired, I’m guessing around 2003 maybe. The Devil’s Advocate character was a little different, and had some serious legs. Sure, it ended up falling apart as it didn’t translate into the ring, but I lay the blame on that more at lazy creative than anything else. If this character came into play now I feel it would be completely different. Modern characters like Bray Wyatt have blasted open the doors on multi-layering. In that respect, Sean O’Haire’s devils advocate was ahead of the times. Oh, and the Widowmaker was a great name for a finisher.

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