The A to Z of 90’s Premiership Footballers: E is for Efan Ekoku

Posted on January 24, 2014


There are many questions one may ask about the Premier League Era. Who is the greatest player to have played in the league? (Tugay). The best goal scored? The best game? One question might be along the lines of this; Who was the real trailblazer in the modern era of English football? If you hear this question asked and the answer is anything less than Efan Ekoku, I would abandon whoever it is you asked.

Because that is exactly what Efan Ekoku was. A trailblazer. Born in the north but made his name in the south, Efangwu Goziem Ekoku was a tall bastard, gangly even, with a touch as deft as it was mystifying. When the ball was played up to Big E, the ball stayed with Big E. His career truly began with Harry Redknapp and Bournemouth, and would twist and turn through a number of clubs involving Norwich, Wimbledon and Swiss giants Grasshoppers. All joking aside, his record at Grasshoppers is actually pretty darn good, 19 goals in 28 games. Ekoku was the sort of striker that everyone wanted in the 90s. He was big and strong, unbeatable in the air, and handsome too. He also had a name that was great fun to chant from the turnstiles, because surely they were still using turnstiles in the 90s? I don’t know, I was but a nipper.

Efan Ekoku was the first man to score four goals in a premier league game. Think about that for a moment. Don’t think about it for too long, because it’s just a fact that doesn’t change much, but still. He did this for Norwich at Goodison Park in a 5-1 battering of Everton. Heck, he also scored Norwich’s first goal in European football. Next time you think about Messi or Ronaldo, just remember they didn’t score their clubs first goal in Europe did they? In 1994 he moved to Wimbledon for almost a million pounds, which is a travesty of justice. If anyone ever deserved to have a million spent on them, it is Efan ‘The Trailblazer’ Ekoku.

I miss you, Big E.

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