Happy Data Protection Day, or Happy We Live In A Ridiculous World Day

Posted on January 28, 2014


Did you know today was Data Protection Day? You know, an international holiday that occurs every January 28th? Come on, it’s celebrated in almost 30 countries! It’s a day to be especially aware of how much you give away with regards to your personal information online you see. As the last nine months have seemingly been one revelation after another that we are being spied on, it has a little extra stank this year. That doesn’t make the whole thing any less ridiculous though.

Every day should be Data Protection Day. I’m a humongous hypocrite, seeing as I have a blog here, write a personal travel blog through the summer on another site and contribute to various other outlets, so who am I to lecture on the importance of online safety? In my excuse, I’m aware that it is dumb, I still choose to do so. The sad fact is that we live in a world where we are shocked that governments are spying on us, when many spend their days spying on other people and then posting about it on social networks. You do realise people got paid megabucks to do that job decades ago? ‘I wish I was James Bond’. You are James Bond, all be it the 2014 version. Even the most cursory of twitter searches can bring up posts like ‘OMG I just saw that bloke from Sherlock in Greggs’ or ‘Just saw Justin Bieber on the beach, way cute’.

So be careful folks, but more importantly be self-aware.