Wrestling is Awesome: National Pro Wrestling Day and OH MY GOD CHIKARA

Posted on February 1, 2014


Needless to say, the second annual National Pro Wrestling Day was very much a success. The card itself was great with a good collection of matches that catered to all tastes. You want technical wrestling? Colt Cabana bested Drew Gulak two falls to one in the opener. All out comedy? The Baltic Siege put paid to Bloc Party and the Estonian Thunderfrog got a new hammer in the process. Eddie Kingston and Dasher Hatfield put on a great brawl, Eric Corvis defeated Sonjay Dutt in a splendid little bout and Juan Francisco de Coronado came up short against Shynron. Then things got a little interesting.

Heidi Lovelace had Joe Pittman in the Chikara special, and seemed poised to capture La Copa Idola when what everyone was waiting for happened. Out came the Gekido, the BDK, Dr Cube and a load of other big bads to shut the show down. Not this time though. Icarus and his army showed up, and an almighty brawl broke out for the future of Chikara. 3.0 and Archibald Peck turned up in a Delorean. The bad guys were chased out of the arena, and Icarus announced to the world that on May 25th this year Chikara will return. So much happened in such a small space of time, but needless to say the grin on my face hasn’t moved since.

Chikara is utterly vital to professional wrestling. No other promotion that I am aware of provides so much that every pro graps fan claims to desire. They have great wrestling, they have wonderful characters, incredible stories and a real genuine sense of community. WWE rams the term ‘WWE Universe’ down the throats of most, but when people refer to a Chikaraverse it is impossible to deny. Heck, just look at the crowd at National Pro Wrestling Day. Sure, I was only watching a stream, but when everything went down the excitement was off the charts. Chikara is the wrestling promotion most fans need.

So May 25th. So many questions still to be answered, so many stories left to be resolved. Where was Eddie Kingston when everything went down? He’s still the Grand Champion, although surely Icarus is in line for another shot. That’s just one issue. Condor Security, Wink, Donst, Archie, Quack, yadda yadda. The list goes on. Roll on May 25th.

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