Best Movie Ever: Fubar (2002)

Posted on February 3, 2014


Well, after the misery and harsh world of Lilja-4-ever, some light-hearted dumb fun was most definitely required. It came in the form of Fubar, a mockumentary-type film about two Canadians who drink beer and drink beer and sometimes drink beer. It is as puerile as entertainment can get, without doubt. Michael Dowse, he of It’s All Gone Pete Tong and Goon fame, directs this pic following the day-to-day lives of Terry and Dean, two life-long best friends who explore what friendship is and other big questions in life, mostly through the medium of beer-drinking.

They drink a lot of beer, let it be known.

With a variety of side characters including a wonderfully naive mum, a former party-buddy turned working husband and a particularly confused prostitute, Fubar is pretty damn funny. It isn’t a constant riot, but some of the back and forth and snippets of wisdom from our two heroes are borderline wonderful. Dean’s heckling at a sports game in particular, with a call of ‘I recommend you try another sport, like knitting’ at the top of his lungs. It’s wonderful. The story takes a serious turn of sorts as Dean battles testicular cancer, going through surgery and chemotherapy. I don’t know if the ending is truly a happy one as Farrell the director dies and Dean loses all of his hair (not including his moustache), but obviously it doesn’t matter.

Puerile humour can be rather wonderful. Dean is the undoubted star of all of this, with the vast majority of hilarity coming from him. After their buddy Troy fails to turn up for drinks they go on a graffiti rampage. Terry, in all of his drunken idiocy, spray paints ‘Tron Funkin Blow’ on the floor. Dean then remarks ‘If I have five words left and I’m about to fuckin’ expire and all I have left to say is to curse fuckin’ Tron, I’m probably not going to say ‘Troy Funkin Blow”. It’s beautiful. His defence of Merlin is beautiful too.

There isn’t anything to analyse about this, so I won’t even bother. What I will say is that an overly-exaggerated Canadian accent is a wonderful thing. More tears more beers, that’s it that’s all.

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