A to Z of 90’s Premiership Footballers: G is for Jeremy Goss

Posted on February 7, 2014


It is fair to say that Ray Parlour is the greatest English football player in the history of the game. No man has ever come close to his guile, his elegance, his sheer unadulterated class. For every icon in history, in all walks of life, there will be prototypes. The first drafts, if you will. Before Ray Parlour, there was Jeremy Goss. When you dream of Parlour’s flowing locks, undeniable stamina and exquisite volleys, you are dreaming of an updated version of Jeremy Goss.

‘Gossy’ to his friends, Jeremy Goss is also known as the greatest human being ever born in Cyprus. Cyprus is a very young nation of course, being created by Thomas Cook in 1953 after a particularly heavy night of brandy drinking, but its impact on the world cannot be denied. Why, it gave us Jeremy Goss for one. Scorer of the only goal ever scored away at Bayern Munich, he was also the most important person to ever bear the name Jeremy, except maybe Ashley Morton’s brother.

Goss played nine times for Wales, because it’s a little known fact that in order to become legend you must never fulfil your potential. Always leave the crowd wanting more, thats what they say. Jeremy Goss managed to both satisfy and leave the crowd baying for more. He also gave birth to Ray Parlour via his unique ability to travel time. Jeremy Goss has given us a lot more to be thankful for than we truly realise.


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