Harald Math Three and Other Adventures

Posted on February 8, 2014


General personal update.

I’m moving to Slovenia to work for In Your Pocket.

Harald Math three is underway. If you weren’t aware, you can download albums one and two for zero money, at the addresses in those links there. Album three is to be entitled The Enormous Last Day of Life and will include either 11 songs. What I can confirm is that the first song is titled Chewed Up By Dozens of Ravenous Fish and is about Pinocchio and the last song is titled Ampullae of Lorenzini and is about loving someone a long way away. This album is a bit of a change from the previous two, as it isn’t just me and Ashley recorded and it won’t be the beautiful Lisa doing the art. My esteemed drumming compadre Ben Davies has (take note: past tense) provided the drums for the album, and the art will be done by the glorious Victoria Clarke. As per usual, there will be three tasters and then the album proper. The songs on the album? Well, they will be the following…

Chewed Up By Dozens of Ravenous Fish
Night Night Starfish
Genghis Khan
Dancing To The National
An American Lynching
Russian Lungs
Party Pooper
Best Movie Ever
Gavrilo Princip
Ampullae of Lorenzini

Dancing To The National and Gavrilo Princip are the pop songs, Party Pooper is the heavy song and Best Movie Ever is the ballad. It is better than the previous two albums, and I love those albums. The title of the album, The Enormous Last Day of Life, comes from the Jonathan Safran Foer book Tree of Codes. 

Oh, and I’m moving to Slovenia.

(Having listened to An American Lynching again, this album is so much better)