A Critical Evaluation of Chillton 2’s Showers

Posted on March 29, 2014


Seeing as I’m living in a hostel still, and will do for the next 11 days, its important to get to know your surroundings. More importantly, its vital that you get to know the bathrooms. Well, it isn’t really vital per se, but heck, I haven’t updated any content for two days and I need something to write about other than just drinking beer. (I drank beer yesterday). In Chillton2 there are three shower rooms, which fits the requirements of a hostel with so many beds. Two are situated upstairs, one downstairs. Let’s look at the merits of each, starting with the main bathroom.

The main bathroom has a very obvious plus. The room is big. And by big, I mean larger than your average bathroom. One thing most hostel bathrooms lack is size, but such taunts can’t be levied at the main bathroom here. Damn, it even has a bidet. A BIDET. Sure, no one ever uses the bidet, but that’s not the point. No one in the history of anything has ever used a bidet, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. There is more than adequate spacing between the toilet, the bidet, the shower and the sink. meaning that you can easily swing cats or dance to Seal pre and post shower. Unfortunately, the shower itself is lacking. First of all, it doesn’t connect to the wall so well, meaning you have to use it as a hose and well, hose yourself down. This may be the way they do it on the continent, but its also dumb. Sure, it means I can shower more directly rather than relying on my own movements under a single spurt of water, but it also means you are giving up a hand. How am I supposed to lather up the soap in order to soap down my hot, hunky body if one of my paws is tied up holding the shower head?

The shower also has serious temperature issues. There aren’t many things more frustrating when showering than a constantly inconsistent temperature. It stops you getting into any sort of shower rhythm, something that is almost indispensable. One moment it is hot, next minute its cold, and you don’t want to be hosing down your shoulders whilst deathly afraid of a temperature shift at any point. No sir.

The second shower room is too small to deserve a paragraph of its own. It is impossible to have a shower without flooding the room, and no one likes a flood.

Which brings us to the third, and final shower. This shower has one main issue. You have to walk through the kitchen to get into it. I’m no expert on room placement, but I wouldn’t go putting the bathroom through the kitchen. Still. I’m not one for being too bothered by much, so I can let this slide. The room is compact, no space gone to waste, but what we’re here to talk about is the water-spouter itself. Is this shower any good? Holy moly, yes it is. A good height on the wall, especially for a man of my height. The temperature? Oh it’s just a delight. Consistent from the off, this is almost Snuffle Backpackers Quality. The little open window provides good ventilation as well, a must for any self respecting shower. This is a damn fine shower, fine enough to  make its peculiar location a non-problem.

So there you have it. When staying at the glorious Chillton2, I would recommend the downstairs shower, as long as you are willing to trundle through the kitchen to do so.