2014: Albums 5 – 2

Posted on December 30, 2014


5: Old Man Gloom // The Ape of God
Part of me has always wanted to be in a band like Old Man Gloom. An album every now and then, maybe one or two shows a year, just getting together with likeminded people and doing whatever it is you want to do musically. ‘The Ape of God’ came out in 2014 in two parts, after the teasing of a teaser which the band quickly distanced themselves from, and it contains everything that makes Old Man Gloom a joy to behold. The whole thing is heavy as balls, and Caleb Schofield’s roar is still numero one in my book.

Download – ‘A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon the World’, ‘Predators’

4: Then Thickens // Death Cap at Anglezarke
Hold on a second, this is the bloke from Kong? One of the most joyous, noisy bands Britain has shat out in the last 10 years, surely these syrupy pop melodies aren’t from the same vocal chords? They are, and maybe it isn’t so surprising when the slightly disturbing elements begin to shine through, particularly in the shape of the lyrics. Then Thickens carry on where Arab Strap left off, documenting long nights on various substances with brutal honesty, tales of shit and pass not hookers and blow. Even without this however, the hooks will find themselves lodged within your cranium without much fuss.

Download – ‘Death Cap’, ‘Matthew’, ‘Ritalin Love’

3: Grouper // Ruins
I don’t know if there’s anything else I can type about Grouper really. Every year there seems to be either a new album to write about or an old one to reminisce over. With ‘Ruins’ however, things have changed. Gone is the mass of reverb, the guitars hidden under layer upon layer of fog, and in their place we find disparate piano and Harris’ fragile voice. ‘Holding’ is the album’s pinnacle, easily the prettiest song I heard all year.

Download – ‘Holding’, ‘Lighthouse’, ‘Clearing’

2: Every Time I Die // From Parts Unknown
I think it’s a fairly easy assumption to make that if ETiD are releasing an album, it will feature in the upper echelons of this list. They get better and better with each album, all the while getting closer and closer to the style of the earlier albums. You could say they were a group of chaps making music who went away to try some different things, then returned home as champions of the world. Well, riffs are a plenty, hooks are a many, and ‘Moor’ is utterly terrifying.

Download – ‘Moor’, ‘Idiot’, ‘If There Is Room To Move, Things Move’